Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Melissa Good Taste Reviews...

Melissa Good Taste has received a lot of fun things in the mail to review, check it out...

I was blessed by the De Cecco Pasta Family and sent a box full of wonderful samples. Pastas, olive oil and pesto sauces filled my pantry and I got wonderfully creative. The olive oil was delightful for bread dipping or cooking, the quality was superb. The pasta cooks in mere minutes and has a nice flavor, it doesn't take more than a nice salt water bath to make it fork worthy!

Knickerbocker Glory: is a British Ice Cream Parfait and Matthew Robinson created a book filled with all kinds of fun recipes that mix and match all sorts of treats! A fun book, filled with beautiful photos of desserts! Delightful and beautiful!

Tanteo Tequila so thoughtfully sent Melissa Good Taste a party in a bottle! Jalapeno enhanced tequila in a gorgeous bottle inspired me to create a fun cocktail. I made an apricot puree, poured in a healthy dose of Tanteo, triple sec and ice. Whirl and buckle up for a good time! 

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