Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Artisan II - Paso Robles, CA

I have been to Artisan many times in Paso Robles but I had yet visited the new Artisan, as it had moved down the street. So in celebration of my Mom's birthday we decided to meet her there and treat her to a nice lunch. We were seated next to a little window that gave you a peek into the kitchen... 

All the new space beautiful, it was a little sterile. It did not give you that warm, cozy, comfortable feeling that the old spot did. I am sure they can turn over more tables here but it looks almost like a cafeteria.

We started with one of Scott's favorites, left, the Jalapeno Corn Bread with Honey Butter. He orders these every time we are there. And then we saw Bacon Tator Tots and decided to give those a try too. They were ok, nothing to write home about or order again.

I combined two loves when ordering my lunch, seafood and risotto. The fish itself had an odd texture but I powered through it as I was very hungry. The risotto was fine but nothing wow'ed me. I did finish every bit on my plate but I was left wanting something more.

 Mom ordered a Shrimp Flat bread of sorts and said it was good. In fact, looking at this photo right now makes me crave a seafood sandwich... Maybe a Filet o' Fish later on today is in order! I will try this next time I am in the area.

 In true Melissa Good Taste fashion, Scott ordered the Soup of the day which was Green Chili. I was very tempted to order it when the waitress described it but did not and was very disappointed in myself after I tasted it. It was fantastic, almost tasted like pureed enchiladas in a bowl. And that my friends is a good thing!

The waitress brought out a birthday dessert for my Mom and we shared (meaning they watched me eat) the Butterscotch Pudding. I thought it was lovely as you got pieces of brittle to get a salty kick in with all the sweet.

It is hard for me to give this a positive or negative review. I have always loved the creative menu but I can't get a warm really about the new digs. The restroom is down an L shaped hall that is dark, cold and quite dreary. I know change is supposed to be a good thing but I miss the old Artisan.

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