Saturday, December 14, 2013

Mon Ami Gabi - Las Vegas, NV

With our last night in Las Vegas upon us we decided to go out as a group and have a nice dinner. Jenny, the person who arranged the trip suggested Mon Ami Gabi as she loved it so we all agreed.

I settled into the Soup of the Day, Butternut Squash and a glass of Cabernet. The soup was creamy and delightful, with pieces of fried sage mixed in. I made sure not a drop was wasted.

I also ordered the scallops and couldn't help but notice the extreme hard sear! They were tasty all the same, with bites of more sage and sauteed mushrooms inbetween. It really was a perfectly sized dinner for me.

The rest of the girls ordered the Steak and Frites. A thin cut steak with crispy, crunchy fries. No one seemed overwhelmingly impressed but I did not hear any complaints either. The frites were good, I snagged a couple.

It was not just about the food, it was about the friendship of girlfriends old and new. It is so refreshing to spend a few days from home, have fun, but then know you get to head home in the morning...

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