Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Harry's - Santa Barbara

Scott and I spent a lot of time in Santa Barbara last week due to the purchase of our new car and traveling to Paso Robles so we dined at one of Scott's old school favorites, Harry's.

It was decorated in Christmas theme and it was packed! We waited first at the door, then at the bar and were finally seated...

Scott ordered the Steak Bites as soon as we sat down because he is starving. They came to our table lickety split. They were juicy and the dipping sauces: mustard and bbq, fantastic!

I had a lovely glass of Cabernet and cup of soup, it was warm and filling Minestrone. I have to admit, I mostly indulged in the broth and left the vegetables! Oops.

Scott ordered of the Special Menu and got a plate of Cajun Chicken Pasta. It looked delicious at dinner, so much so I had the leftovers the next day for breakast. The sauce was spicy but it was cooled by the cream just enough to keep you coming back for more. A+ order.

I of course had the Salmon and it was lovely. I was craving protein and attacked the fish before even setting my fork in the mashed potatoes. The salmon may have been a touch overdone but I did not mind a bit. I too must have been hungrier than I thought!

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