Thursday, December 19, 2013

Real Housewives of Ojai - Christmas Party

Scott and I hosted a Christmas Party for a group of our favorite friends in Ojai, also known as The Real Housewives of Ojai. They are so much fun and have hosted numerous parties so I wanted to reciprocate and thrown one fun shindig for them!

So here I am, Melissa Good Taste in full hostess mode!

I decorated the house so it was festive and jolly!

Roses and candles. They are aways are a hit. Red is romantic!

White roses clean and classy!

Minutes before people started rolling in a rain shower passed through and it was amazing!

Scott and Frosty welcomed the guests as they came in!

FYI: Kale and Cabbage are very decorative for your colored pots! 
Healthy and beautiful.

I did a horrible job photographing my "hot" and "keep cold" appetizers as they came out. These are just a few of the room temperature goods.

Food stuff.

I had "party favors" for the men of the party. They were very "smokable" cigars but no one smoked one, thank goodness, but I did think the little tray was cute.

Two of my favorite girls - Lindsay & Emily.

Lindsay & Nichole - They are both so lovely.

Group shots of the Ojai Housewives crew... There are a lot of them, so start scrolling!

Emily & Kiki

Christian is absolutely hilarious! The life of the party!

I had not one Dana at my party, I had two!

They are the best - Nichole & Tom.

The newest kid on the block, Eric helps around the ranch! Hi Eric!

Janelle's outfit was my favorite.

Ryan rocked the Lucky Brand Cowboy shirt really well!

In full party mode, Tom & Scott.

An aerial view of the fun!

Oh my, an end of the evening cheers with Dom Perignon! 

I am so thankful for meeting these group of friends. They have welcomed me with open arms into their homes, social circles and beyond. I lead such a blessed life. 


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