Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bonnie's Kitchen @ Tejon Ranch

Meet Bonnie Marie, she is due very soon. The other guy is Phil Benadum, Executive Director of the Pacific Coast Cutting Horse Association. Both are great people who really know how to please. Today I am going to talk about Bonnie, she not only caters the cuttings but has her own Supper Club in Santa Margarita. Check out her Facebook page: Bonnie's Kitchen.

This is Bonnie's crew, that includes her Mother-in-law.

She hosted a Taco Night at one of the nights during our horse show. Easy, quick and simple. Just one of the perks of having bonnie on the job, she know how to get people fed.

My creation! Nachos!

I have known Bonnie for quite some time, she was friends with my cousins growing up. She does catering events in the 805 and beyond. Don't be afraid to look her up!

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