Thursday, January 31, 2013

Donuts, donuts everywhere!

Looking for a great K cup for your Kuerig? This is one. I am having a donut themed day so I thought this was appropriate. However, I do like another brand called Fog Chaser - it is affordable as compared to the rest of the pack at my local grocery store. It seems to "chase" the "fog" away from my brain on early mornings. But today, I am going all donut style.

I cannot resist these little bundles of joy. So soft and tasty. I can remember my mom buying them for us maybe once as a child. I think she stopped because between my sister, brother and I we probably devoured the bag on the home from the store. However now that I am an adult with plenty of donut self control, a few are perfect with above mentioned coffee. 

Brew yourself a cup, pop a few of these in your mouth and have yourself a Homer Simpson sized day!


dicki said...

You are killing me - can't eat like that.

dicki said...

If I ate the way you post, I would be as big as your barn on the left! You are killing me - maybe when I was your age.
Love the blog though!