Friday, January 4, 2013

Big Island Hawaii Trip - Day #1

I purchased this trip to Hawaii about a year ago and just last week we used it! It was for a charitable auction benefiting fellow horse show cutters who were suffering with medical bills from cancer treatments. It was a great cause and I jumped on the opportunity to support them. Last Friday we flew out of LAX and flew across the Pacific for a relaxing vacation of surfing, reading and eating. My favorites!

An early morning breakfast at Wolfgang Puck at LAX tied me over until we got on the island. The crispy bacon, arugula and a sunny side up egg was the perfect starter.

We rented this snappy little SUV to take us to and fro. Ford Escape's are nifty cars, Scott Good Taste became a fan. We drove up and parked at our rental house...

The view when we walked in was a beautiful one, it was high n the hill and had full ocean views!

A pool for quick dips and loungers for morning reading!

 Island touches throughout the house was apparent, it was very comfortable.

A quick trip to the grocery store made these items cross my path. These foods seemed exotic to me so I put them in the cart. I wanted to eat like a local...

After settling into our house and meeting up with our house guests we made our way into Kona. It was bustling with tourists and still had Christmas touches decorating the streets.

We got into the feel of the island by visiting the Royal Kona Hotel for a drink and views of the sunset of the ocean. Hey look, there is Scott Good Taste!

The open air bar is very lovely, great for enjoying the weather and a cocktail or two!

Meet Andy and Fallon, they will be on this little journey with us!

 We started getting hungry so we wandered into a sushi joint named Wasabi's. I ordered a seaweed salad first off because I was starving. It was good.

Common sushi and sashimi came out and was plentiful. Nothing to write home about but still satisfying. 

 Honey Wasabi Roll, Shrimp Tempura as well as a California Roll all made their way to the table and we all ate from it. It was just ok. I wish I could come up with a heavy compliment or critic but it was just not that eventful. We paid, reasonable price, would probably pass on the next visit. 

We went back for one more cocktail and called it a night. We had lots of eating, relaxing and catching up to do so we made it home early and got some much needed shut eye. 

Stay tuned for Day #2...

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Anonymous said...

All caught up on the Melissa Good Taste Blog! Haven't had a chance to check it out since November! Need to check out Ojai, Looks like there are some good eats there, and your blog makes me hungry! Happy New Year you two, see you at the shows. Barb P.