Friday, January 11, 2013

Hawaii Day #5

Good Morning Kona! We are entering Day #5 of our Hawaiian Journey...

We wandered into town in search of breakfast and decided we would give the tourist trap, Bongo Ben's a try. 

I ordered the Moco Loco because it is what your supposed to do in Hawaii. It was horrible. I asked for my egg over easy, it was over hard - way hard. The hamburger meat was grey and the gravy was one out of a package. This was like gag me on a plate.

Scott's Egg Benedict didn't look too much better but at least he seemed to enjoy it. Yuck - Stay away from Bongo Ben's.

This house faced the water but only needed a little TLC. Real estate adventure in Hawaii? This would be a good one!

We came across this little sea turtle while doing a tour of the island.

Then we met up with this lovely couple. They were so charming!

I love coconut water. I wish I had a coconut tree at home.

We drove around the island all day and finally got some courage to try some food after our disastrous breakfast at Bongo Ben's. I had read positive reviews about Jackie Rey's so we gave it a go.

The bread they brought out was really good and the lilikoi butter almost made it taste like dessert. Fallon was showing off her fantastic artistic skills on the table.

We got some appetizers started for the table they were Pork Spring Rolls and Shrimp Won Tons. They were both very tasty - They were the perfect start to a lovely meal.

I ordered the Seafood Trio of Mahi Mahi, Crab Cake, Grilled Shrimp served over a coconut cream sauce. Yum, yum!

The rest of the table had tacos. They must have been missing Mexican food from home... They said they were delicious though!

Lilikoi Cheesecake for Fallon and Andy...

Creme Brulee for Scott and Melissa.

We left feeling so full and satisfied. This truly was the best meal on the island so far. I would return to Jacie Rey's for the fantastic food, excellent service and reasonable prices. The best kept secret in Kona.

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