Monday, January 14, 2013

Hawaii Day #7

The last day we are in Hawaii and I finally start craving beef! I have been stuffed to the gills with seafood. I wave the white flag. This French Dip was ordered at the Pine Tree Cafe located just down from the airport. It was not good at all. Meat rubbery, cheese not melted through and onions were still crunchy. The aus had zero ounce of flavor but the french fries saved the day!

I started this book and finished it in for 4 hours straight while lounging by the pool during our last few hours at our rental home.

On our way to the airport to go home we stopped by the Kona Brewery. It looks lovely and stormy doesn't it?!

We started our with the Chipotle Chicken Dip and it was spicy! So, so spicy. Even a heavy spice fan like myself could not handle too much of the heat.

I ordered the Pork Tacos because I was starting to crave some Mexican type food. I usually like corn tortillas over flour but this did the trick to curb my craving.

Scott went for the Cubano Sandwich and a side salad.

So this is where our Hawaiian Adventure ended. We caught the red eye and landed at LAX at 4:30 the next morning. The flight was a short one as I fell asleep 30 minutes after take off and woke as the pilots were about to touch down. We all had fun but were happy to get back to our dogs, horses and work. 


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