Monday, January 28, 2013

Harris Ranch - Coalinga, CA

Scott and I just got back from spending the weekend at the famous Harris Ranch off Interstate 5. He is the 2013 President of the Pacific Coast Cutting horse Association so he was in meetings most of the time. I met up with my good friend Sheena in Fresno, started a new book and caught up with friends also attending the convention.

Saturday night was the annual Awards Banquet for the PCCHA congratulating the winners on a year of success with their horses. We got cleaned up to enjoy the festivities and enjoy a traditional Harris Ranch meal.

Beef. It's whats for dinner. It really was a fantastic cut of meat, cooked perfectly and I actually enjoyed every bite. Imagine that... Not seafood.

Chocolate cake and a really great glass of Harris Ranch's own Cabernet. It really was lovely. The catering was really amazing. I was truly impressed.

Sunday morning Scott awoke to many more meetings and I had the great pleasure of meeting up my brother and his girlfriend, Kate. He flew the both of them in to visit over breakfast. How lucky am I?

We took our seats in the Ranch Kitchen and caught up over stories I have missed by living outside of the zip code. It always calls for a good laugh, or two.

The pilot ordered well - Steak and Eggs and he enjoyed every bite. I have to admit I was a bit jealous. I was still savoring the taste of the steak I had the night before and was a little disappointed I didn't pull off a repeat. 

Kate always the best eater in the group had an egg white omelet with mushrooms and jack cheese. Fruit on the side. She will longer than all of us I am sure. She makes sure she gets all her fruits and vegetables in. 
This naughty little plate is mine, Biscuits and gravy with too sneaky sausage patties hiding underneath. I thought the gravy was good, I could have actually had more on the plate to tell you the truth. The sausage was fine. Not anything compared to extra crispy bacon but I could not complain. 

I walked the flight crew back to their little plane and wished them a good day I was pretty proud of my little brother and couldn't help but take a short clip with my camera as they went on their way...

 I was a very proud sister. I hope everyone has a great week - Make the most of it!

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JustinM said...

Does he let you call him Scott or do you have to address him as Mr. President?