Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy Hour Throwdown - Ventura, CA

Scott and I are very lucky to live in such a beautiful part of California. We live on top of a mountain in Upper Ojai so a trip to sunny Ventura is only about twenty minutes. On Monday after our weekend cutting we rolled in to town after unpacking our rigs. We decided to check out a few Happy Hours and compare them... Come with us!

First stop: Eric Ericsson's. They are located right on the Ventura Pier and allow for some pretty amazing views! One point for the ambiance.

They serve their Bloody Mary's with shrimp. I would say that is another point!

 We were pretty hungry so we ordered food right away. This ceviche was one of the worst I have ever had. It tasted very fishy, in only a way old fish does. I stayed away from this one. I did not get sick but I did not want to take my chances.

Oysters on the half shell were delicious! I love dolling them all up with cocktail, horseradish and lemon. It is almost as fun as eating them! 

We were enjoying our stay at Eric's but the service started to get lousy as more people entered the deck so we decided it was time for a new hangout.

 Next Stop: Lure Fish House
The view is not as amazing but the inside is decorated so chic you almost do not even need the ocean!

Usually with Happy Hour they do not bring bread - It by the way, was very good! I love that the butter came out soft. Don't you hate it when restaurants bring out those foil packets of butter that are frozen solid?

I ordered the Crab Cakes because I love them and I am still hooked on the corn salsa kick. Notice that this corn wasn't grilled either. However, it did not offend my taste buds like it did at McClintock's the other night. This must have been fresh corn because it was sweet and addicting. Great order.

Baja Fish Tacos! So good. Eats like a meal and keeps you craving each returning bite. Scott and I split these and I was tempted to order more. The food was amazing! And very affordable.

Hands down, Lure wins for its low prices, fresh ingredients and chic atmosphere. Go to Eric Ericsson's if you are a tourist and want to see the ocean. Oh, maybe for their Bloody Mary and shrimp. I know I will be back at Lure to explore more of the menu with those great deals!

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