Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hawaii Day #6

As our vacation came to a close Scott wanted to surf one more time at his favorite spot. 

I finished my book and it was spicy!

I wanted to take Scott to the Hawaiian Style Cafe so he could experience some real local food. Not like the junk we got from Bongo Ben's the day before.

He ordered the Korean Chicken and loved it. Heck, I loved it too!

I ordered the Roast Pork, again.

I killed it! I even ate one of Scott's chicken wings. 

Our last meal together as a vacation family was at Huggo's in Kona. it was a beautiful evening and we had a spectacular table.

One more Mai Tai... It was large and in charge!

Kumamoto Oysters for the table. They were light and refreshing!

Scott ordered a Caesar Salad and I munched on the parmesan crisp that came with it.

I am sure you know who ordered this and yes, it was delicious. I promise to be more food adventurous. I promise!

Fallon ordered this pasta and it tasted great! A macadamia nut pesto, mushrooms, goat cheese and grilled shrimp all helped make this dish a good one.

A very small serving of the Teriyaki they claim to known for. Sweet and tender it was done with in a few bites.

Andy went for the Cioppino and he used the bread to mop up the tomato fennel broth.

This is where things started to get bad. This creme brulee was so awful I don't even know what to say happened. Maybe they forgot an ingredient or added the wrong one because it tasted like a dirty mop. It officially was the worst creme brulee I have ever had. 

I set up a travel debit card with a set amount of funds to be used on dining, trinkets and whatever else I wanted while in Hawaii. Before going into dinner I knew I had well over enough money still on the card for at least another week in Hawaii. So when the bill came I treated our table and picked up the tab. The waiter took my card and returned saying it had been declined. I was very confused as to why that happened and gladly gave him my "regular" debit card know that one would be more than fine. He returned with my card and it went through with no problems. 

On the way home I had an uneasy feeling that something was not right with my other card so I logged on to my computer as soon as we got to the rental house. Sure enough, the waiter ran my cards a total of five times! Running my "Hawaii Travel" card to over $750 and then my "regular" debit card twice more. I immediately called the restaurant to tell them what happened and excuses were made that we were in a hurry, the waiter was new, this happens all the time... yadda yadda yadda. It was not the ending that I wanted to have after a beautiful vacation in Hawaii. 

In the end the situation was made right only after constant badgering on my end.

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