Monday, January 7, 2013

Hawaii Day #2 - Part Two

After finishing up our lunch at Tommy Bahama's we went back to Ryan's Hawaiian Home and started up our afternoon session of fun. Scott paddled out to surf, Andy and Ryan did some boogie boarding, Fallon splashed around with the kids and I kept on reading my book. In the meantime here are some photos of Ryan's home:

It looked like a resort!

 I love how the tree wraps through the porch...

 A main house and several guest homes...

Three stories tall! 

Interesting decorating idea - I could recreate this at home with Scott's surf boards!

Scott got out of the water for the second time today and we started making dinner plans. We called Merriman's however our luck was not good, they were either closed or booked up with holiday parties through our departure date. So they offered we do next best thing. Go to Merriman's #2 in Waikoloa. I was no happy but did it anyway...

We started off with an Antipasto Plate and it was a good thing. We were ravenous after spending most of the day in the water and my meal from Tommy Bahamas left me wanting more. 

I was hungry so I ordered larger than the rest of the group with Ahi Mushroom Taglitelle. The lemon butter caper sauce was probably the best part of the dish aside from the fresh Ahi. I felt the dish preparation was a bit sloppy. Maybe rushed? Didn't take the same care that I am sure the real Merriman's did. 

Scott's Ahi Fish Sandwich was large and in charge. A thick cut of Ahi on a toasted bun with cilantro, spicy aioli and tomato. He loved it. 

Fallon opted for an order of Calamari for dinner, she said it was ok. 

And Andy devoured his pizza, he must have loved it!

It wasn't the original Merriman experience I wanted but it was the next best thing. Next time, I will prepare weeks in advanced to get a table at the famous little restaurant in Waimea.

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