Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hawaii Day #3

 Just another day in paradise! Scott and I woke up in search of pretty waves and a nice meal! We drove up North to Waimea to drop off Andy and Fallon at the Big Island Team Roping. Andy was going to compete for money and prizes. Go Andy go!

Scott on his forever quest of looking at surf spots. It makes him happy! 

Food makes me happy so we pulled into the Seafood Bar and Grill for lunch. 

My hunt for the perfect Mai Tai was not found here.

We had the special - Spear Fish also known as "Hebi". It was amazing with a coconut cream sauce over perfectly cooked rice and vegetables. One of my favorite simple meals during the entire trip. 

Back in Paniolo Land - Home of the Hawaiian Cowboy - Andy was roping his heart out!

 It all paid off, he won the roping! A buckle and $1000 in prize money! What a fun thing to have done on vacation! Sort of like gambling and taking the casinos money!!

Meanwhile, we snagged a reservation at Roy's and prepared ourselves for a wonderful Hawaiian fusion meal.

 Martinis and Mojitos were our libations of choice.

We started with the Chicken Pot Stickers and they were ok. They were very tasty but kind of oily.

 I had the Butter Fish and it melted in my mouth like, well, butter! I love the sweet glaze that the fish was so quickly cooked with it was an amazing plate.

Scott with the Surf and Turf of sorts - Ribs and Shrimp. The ribs were outstanding and the trio of sauces played up creamy, spicy and sweet. The shrimp were a little under done and that creeped Scott out. I guess one bad shell fish experience will turn you off completely. 

A great dessert, like this Macadamia Tart, will make you forget all your worries so Scott was happy to be eating this while forgetting about his shrimp experience.

Our vacation is hitting the halfway point at this time but stay tuned to read about the second half of Melissa Good Taste's trip to Hawaii!

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Merrie said...

I need to stop reading your blog when I'm starving! :)

Aloha - I'm enjoying your trip from the readers seat.