Monday, March 29, 2010

Uncle Julio's - Fort Worth, TX

A cancelled flight, redirection from Denver to Phoenix, trying to get through DFW, finding a rental car, driving through the rain (while booking a hotel room on my cell) to the Will Rogers Coliseum made me one exhausted girl. What could make me feel better and refreshed? Mexican food of course. Uncle Julio's was just the place. Located off Camp Bowie we had a special celebration! Lauren's 21st birthday!!

The restaurant was beautiful, just the cantina look I love.

A Margarita for the Birthday girl and myself.

Scott took the reins and ordered the queso. The chips and salsa alone were completely fabulous. The chips and salsa were served warm. I love this concept, seemed to intensify the flavor of the salsa. The queso was delicious, melted cheese is pretty much heaven in my book.

This was my order of the Chicken Enchiladas served with verde sauce, recommended by the waiter. There were other options, such as the sour cream sauce, but he seemed to really go for the verde, so I followed suit. This meal really hit the spot. Nothing like great Mexican food to really make me smile. They come standard with with two enchiladas (the hearty eater can even order 3), I could only finish one. I was just so full, must have been all the queso...

Scott ordered the Beef and Chicken Crispy Tacos, which is also known as a #2 Juanita's Platter. He seemed to really enjoy it. In fact, he said he was stuffed at the end of his meal - that usually means that the food was delish! Lauren ordered the Fish Taco's I believe. She didn't complain one bit! You can probably tell we were pretty much happy campers at this point!

Surprise! Lauren's Happy Birthday dessert. They had a candle lit and everything. We started to sing, Lauren started blushing and so we just dug into the Sopapillas. I have never had a Sopapilla before, they are puffed Mexican pastries sprinkled with cinnamon and powdered sugar. The dipping sauce in the middle was honey. We were just so full.

Uncle Julio's is a fabulous place to pull in during your stay in Texas. Easy access off the 30 and usually on your way home from the Coliseum, depending on where you stay. The servers were friendly and the Margarita's were great! I liked the warm salsa concept, that rocked my boat. And the queso, yes please! Great company and a 21st birthday! It can't get much better than that, it was great way to start off our eating tour in Texas! More to come...

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PulledPorker said...

It looks really nice inside. What is on the shelves on the far wall? Are those books? Because that would be awesome.