Sunday, March 14, 2010

Diamond Jim's - Mi Wuk, CA

I have always had a soft spot for Diamond Jim's - it has been a landmark of where to turn off the highway to go to our cabin. Anytime we went up for a visit we would eat here, and that dates back to my days in Ski-Wee Ski School at Dodge Ridge. Oh my!

The infamous rock wall, with pond. I don't think there was water in it this time.

Happy to be back in the pink booths!

Bread was brought to the table. It was pretty standard.

It was Friday and that means my favorite soup day! Clam Chowder. This chowder was very tasty. Whatever they are doing, they should keep doing it!

Classic dinner salad - pretty basic.

We shared an entree because we were not that hungry. The Calamari sounded great from the menu and it didn't disappoint. If I made one complaint it was a touch greasy. My flavor palate doesn't discriminate against grease but this was maybe a bit too much. The rice was pretty standard, it tasted a little watery - not a major downfall but just an observation. The sticks of zucchini were nice, grilled perfectly.

All in all, going back to Diamond Jim's was a nice experience. I know it probably isn't the most exotic, best place to go but it comforting to me. It brings back happy memories of when my grandfather was alive, he enjoyed taking us here for dinner and we got to order Roy Rogers or Shirley Temple's - our choice of course. I am happy to still see it open and bustling - the bar seemed to be a big hit, it was Karaoke Night! Alright!!

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