Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Alfredo's - Sonora, CA

Downtown Sonora is a pretty nice place to stroll. You can wander in and out of antique shops or just get in a nice walk while checking out the beautiful old Victorian homes in the area. The day was a gorgeous day so spending it outside was fabulous. Lunch time rolled around and we found our way to Alfredo's.

Inside the restaurant we wandered our way to the back. Found a quaint corner and continued our lovely time together catching up old memories and potential new adventures!

Spicy salsa! It got the party started, wow! It was watery so I dripped it on the table a couple times, oops. Thank goodness for my trusty napkin!

Typical order of any Mexican food experience: Guac! It was a definite improvement from yesterday's - that is for sure. Tasty!

Fish Tacos! Large pieces of grilled fish. The pico de gallo on the side was a wonderful addition to a fantastic taco! Score.

My order - Pescado Diablo, or spicy fish for all my gringo friends. This dish was so good! So much fish, didn't finish it all but the sauce and sauteed onions were delicious. The rice and beans were exactly how they should be - put on the broiler for a minute or two so they get crunchy. Love it!

Wonderful, wonderful experience. The only comment I have is they had the lights off. It wasn't bad but it was just a little dark in our little conversation corner. The service was attentive and the prices were on point. I recommend this place if ever in the area. Authentic Mexican food will certainly be found here!

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