Sunday, March 14, 2010

La Morenita - Cold Springs, CA

After doing a little hiking around Pinecrest Lake we became a bit starved. It was a pretty much deserted out, not a lot of people on the road. But when we spotted a Mexican restaurant on the side of the road you had better believe we pulled right in!

So this was the chips and salsa. The salsa was not bad, chips satisfying. The slaw to the left was interesting. I didn't try it just because I couldn't really trust it. I had a feeling I might get a stomach ache if I tried it!

Of course we ordered the Guacamole! It wasn't bad. It needed something in it though, so I squeezed a lime into it and shazaam! Instantly better!

This is the Grilled Chicken Salad - doesn't look so bad right? I was told the texture tasted rubbery. Kind of like it was heated up by a microwave. The salad did look really pretty though...

This is my order of the Chile Verde - doesn't it look scrumptious? I thought the taste of the Chile Verde was very familiar. It tasted kind of like the Chile verde packs that you pick up from Costco. It isn't a bad thing but maybe not so authentic. The rice and beans were fine.

So, this lunch was probably not the most successful but I had some really great company. Don't they usually say that having great company is better than the food itself? Or is that service? No matter, it was a beautiful Winter day and we enjoyed ourselves all the same. There is a pizza joint next door that I never noticed before, it might be worth a try. Just an FYI - this restaurant is for sale! Reader: You could buy it and be my next review! Ha - good day...

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