Monday, March 29, 2010

Lucile's Stateside Bistro - Fort Worth, TX

Lucile's is a full service restaurant and bar serving lunch and dinner seven days a week and breakfast on Saturday and Sunday. The menu is centered around "American Food Classics," and daily blackboard features offer a variety of fresh seafood and prides themselves on homemade soup made daily. Scott remembered going here and having a fantastic meal so away we went...

Lauren had an appetizer of Fried Green Tomato's and the house made Lobster Bisque as her meal. She has never had a Fried Green Tomato so this was a neat experience for her. She loved them. I tried her Lobster Bisque and it was delicious. Everything it should be, rich and creamtastic!

Scott ordered the Crab Cakes and I ordered the Daily Fish Special - Rainbow Trout. We split our meals in half so we both could experience each others dish. The crab cake really wasn't that good. In fact it was a bummer, too mushy. The trout was great, a touch salty but that has always been ok in my book. I enjoyed the trout very much, good work Lucile's.

All in all the meal was good, not great. I would return, no question, but maybe explore other menu items. Funny story, Lauren and I ordered the Texas made beer - Rahr on draft, thinking we would drink like the locals... This stuff came out tasting like Coors Light, blech! The waitress took it back and gave us a Fat Tire, real beer. Anyhow, Lucile's was a nice little place, it was Friday night and we came in quite early and it was not too packed. There are so many places to eat in Fort Worth! A food bloggers paradise....

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