Monday, March 22, 2010

Cafe Bravo - Oakdale, CA

So, when driving to my cabin you drive through Oakdale. Oakdale holds many memories, mostly from high school rodeo's. Oakdale is the "Cowboy Capital of the World" just so you know... Welcome Cafe Bravo.

These are the chips and salsa that we ate for about 30 minutes or so. First in a room that was air conditioned to the point of submission. Ok, ok we will eat in the bar!! So we moved. The bar was warmer, I ate more salsa to increase my body temperature. And got another Margarita too. Anything to warm a girl up! But, kuddos to Cafe Bravo to having delicious chips and salsa.

This is the Chimichurri Salmon. Blah! The salmon was dry. The black beans and white rice also did nothing to increase the flavor of this dish. Very blah. Maybe dump your salsa on the salmon instead, because it is very delicious!

This is my order: Crab Enchiladas, I wanted it to be good. A white sauce filled with the good stuff. But, no... It was crab from a can! I have very lively taste buds, they told me that crab came from the ocean a VERY long time ago. I mentioned the black beans and white rice above, but I am going to say it again. Just give us refried beans, we love the stuff - thanks.

This photo was the Combination Fajitas - served with 3 mini flour tortillas. Really? All this food and only 3 baby sized wraps? Yes, really. At least the refried beans with Spanish rice looked tasty. I was a tad jealous.

, here is my beef. I love Mexican food and will brag on any place that serves it. This place had tasty chips and salsa - margaritas too. But, the service is a bit questionable. I am a twenty something girl so I got the bare minimum of service. The waitresses were only on the look out for potiential dates! If I brought my blue-eyed brother we would have been served up a storm! Can I have a napkin? Maybe another glass of water? "Ok, take your time... I know there is a good looking boy over there..." I mean really?! So that is Cafe Bravo. Enough said.

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foodhoe said...

hmph on the crap service... I'm with you, refritos rule! the rest sounds forgettable, I'll remember no bravo when in oakdale!