Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Flap Jack's - Tres Pinos, CA

It seems like I have been spending quite a bit of time in Tres Pinos! I was just next door at the new Mexican food place and here I am now at Flap Jack's! Located on the main drag you can pull into Flap Jack's for breakfast or lunch - Open on Monday's too.

Inside the cute, little joint - I loved the wall color.

Jennifer's order of the Crab Melt. I was debating ordering this myself but she beat me to the punch. Unfortunately it wasn't her cup of tea. It looked pretty though.

John ordered the Steak Salad he seemed to enjoy it. Ate every last bit!

Amanda's order of the Flap Jack's - the name sake! She loved them! And, I must admit I have had them and sure are delicious!

Ok, this is my order - you are probably thinking, "What the heck is this..." This is what they jack the Crab Crepe Jack. Let me tell you, that this is way delicious. It was 2 very large crepes with with crab, spinach (onion, which I would leave out next time) capers and Hollandaise. Wow! Holy yum. I am ashamed to admit that I gobbled up this entire plate.

All in all we had a pretty relaxing experience. There were not too many people in the restaurant so we felt like we could carry on a pretty lively conversation. There are plenty of breakfast combinations, as well as Lunch options so make a special trip to Tres Pinos on a lovely day and maybe sit outside on the patio! Ciao -MD

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