Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tres Pinos Inn - Tres Pinos, CA

There are very few places in San Benito County that have the reputation that the Tres Pinos Inn has. It is known to travelers far and wide as the best place to stop if your in the area or if your not, to make a special trip! If your a resident, this is the place you go for special occasions, holiday's or just for a first class meal. Let's explore TPI...
We were seated in the main dining room for dinner. The room is a beautiful green and has a ceiling of wine corks. It is such a cute room.

The bread is served in a wooden basket - the theme here is fly fishing. You will find a lot of memorabilia symbolizing that throughout the restaurant.

I found this little old lady in the case next to me. Isn't she a riot?

Now onto the good stuff! This is the Cream of Asparagus Soup. Very delicious with slices of asparagus floating throughout. A wonderful start to kick off my meal.

How pretty is this little picture? I got the special of Sea Bass - it had a beautiful sauce and all sorts of delicious vegetables surrounding the fish. The pasta and carrots rounded out the dish perfectly.

This is the Prawns Provencale - prawns sautéed with mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic, and basil. It too had the pasta and carrots. I just love the presentation so pretty! They really make an effort to make you feel special.

And of course the Chocolate Mousse had to finish off the meal! Fantastically delicious.

Now can you see why people drive from miles and miles to visit the Tres Pinos Inn? The food is fresh, exciting and never fails to impress. They always have an exciting protein special from local suppliers. If your a loyal reader you know I always go for the fish special so this place makes me smile! So, that said - come check this place out! Visit with Mike and Mary, they are great people and would love to see you. Say Melissa Good Taste sent you!

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