Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pine Cone Cafe - Mi Wuk, CA

Mi Wuk doesn't have much but, it does have a fabulous breakfast joint and it is the Pine Cone Cafe. And I was craving some major breakfast which is odd, because I don't usually get too hungry until lunch time.

Inside the tiny cafe. Room for 25 people or so.

Breakfast or Lunch - your pick. The Coffee pictured was just amazing. The kind that is so good that you have at least 4 cups without even realizing the amount of caffeine that you just ingested.

My order of Biscuits and Gravy - I know it wasn't the most healthy item on the menu but breakfast is a special treat to me. This was a treat too! The gravy was terrific and biscuit made in house.

I think this is a Veggie Omelet. No complaints were made. The country potatoes were made to order: extra crispy, I like it!

Another Omelet.

Ham and Eggs served with Hash Browns. A whole lot of food, not much of a dent made in this one!

This was a table order and everyone enjoyed them. The pancakes were fantastic. Nice and fluffy, very dessert like.

I just get a good feeling when I come here. The staff is very friendly and are extremely efficient. They smile and always have a fresh pot of coffee in hand. The menu has everything you could possibly want and it all tasted so fresh. I will return and if you haven't been, you should go!

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