Sunday, March 21, 2010

Seven Sisters - Sonora, CA

I have done quiet a bit of research on places to dine in Tuolumne County. There are a lot of little cafes, diners and fast food restaurants. The Seven Sisters Restaurant located inside the Black Oak Casino was one that has received rave reviews and seems to be the best place within the area.

They have a bread girl who comes around and serve slices of bread, our girl was Olivia. She was nice. The options were sourdough, olive or foccacia. There was a balsamic vinegar dipping sauce served with the bread. It was very pungent!

The Wild Mushroom Soup was delicious! My favorite part of the meal. Very nutty.

Wahoo fish from Hawaii. It was very good, my one complaint was the portion size. It was tiny! I was starving! The rice served with the dish was ok. Kind of tasted they made it possibly the day before and just reheated it.

Filet Mignon topped with crab served with rice and butternut squash. It sounds fabulous right? The steak came out overcooked and was sent back once, and it was brought back overcooked again! Aye yi yi. The crab didn't taste like crab, in fact I am not sure it even had a taste. I tried a bite of the butternut squash and it was delicious.

One of the specials of the evening: Buffalo Prime Rib. It was tasty, A very large portion. The cheesy dipping sauce was interesting. I think I would have just preferred horseradish though.

The Seven Sister's Restaurant was really supposed to impress me, knock my socks off! But, sadly it didn't. The atmosphere was beautiful, we had a great table. Had a nice glass of Wildhorse Pinot Noir and finished with tasty cappachinos, doesn't all sound so lovely? I don't think the restaurant lived up to their online reputation. Would I return? Probably if I won big down below in the casino and didn't mind dropping some dough on an average meal. Have you been to Seven Sisters?

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JD said...

Yes, yes I have been to "Seven Sisters" and beyond the bread and the soup, it doesn't have much going for it!