Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Berry Hill Bistro - Paso Robles, CA

While in town for the PCCHA Derby and Horse Show I knew I would make it into downtown Paso Robles to sample one of the many fantastic restaurants. We walked past Basil, which was packed! Really didn't feel like Thai so we ventured on to find Berry Hill Bistro.

Located just down from the movie theater it is a bit tough to find parking but just go around the block a few times and you'll be just fine.

The wine menu made us kind of chuckle - it had a lot of out of state wines! We are in prime wine country, give it to us! Usually Pinot fans we settled on a J.Lohr Merlot. It came in the cutest little half bottle! Ha. The picture is almost to size ;)

The Crab Wontons were ordered as an appetizer and they were not exactly what wethought they were going to be! They were very crunchy! They did have this wonderful blackberry-szechwan sauce, pretty tasty.

Artichoke Bisque very creamy, very delicious.

Scott ordered the Penne Pasta with seared seasonal vegetables in a garlic cream sauce. It looked wonderful, a large portion.

You better believe I ordered fish - Halibut. Protein power! It also had the same garlic sauce that Scott's pasta dish did. Did I love it? No. Did I like it? Yes, it was ok.

The bistro itself was so cute! The waitresses were really hustling too, working away - always on the move. We got a great table that allowed us to people watch, downtown Paso is fun. There are so many restaurants to try, I am glad I had an opportunity to check this one of the list. What is your favorite restaurant in Paso Robles? I had a recommendation by a loyal reader to try Artisan. Thoughts?


JustinM said...

A half-bottle? Wait, did you each have one?....

cedari said...

Berry Hill Bistro is great for the price.
Artisan is real dining and the best restaurant in Paso Robles.

Unknown said...

Stop by the Paso Robles booth at the horse show and introduduce yourself, I'll tell you all about Paso restaurants and wines. If you're around on Friday, come see the ranch cutting and the celelbrity stick horse challenge, should be a hoot.