Monday, March 29, 2010

Hoffbrau Steaks - Fort Worth, TX

Early 1800's German settlers, who helped develop the Hill Country of South Texas, also recreated their beloved "hoffbraus" or "beer gardens" where local townspeople, farmers and ranchers gathered to enjoy hearty meals and brewed beverages. This family institution has been opened since 1978. A hungry Lauren, Scott and Melissa Good Taste were anxious to see what this beer garden, or hoffbrau, had in store for them!

A 15 minute wait lead us to a seat at the bar. Scott asked every bartender we encountered to please check Lauren's I.D. It was kind of the running joke all week.

Brau Chips, my newest addiction. They are made to order so they come out smokin' hot. They are served with ranch dipping sauce. Fat on fat, super healthy!

Speaking of super healthy, this is my order of the Fried Catfish and Hush Puppies. I was told I couldn't leave Texas without eating catfish, so I got it out of the way early. It was everything deep fried fish should be - delicious. The puppies were tasty too.

Scott was being a healthy eater and ordered a Steak Salad. Top sirloin steak on fresh greens with bacon, egg, mixed cheese and tomato topped with crispy onion strings. He seemed to really enjoy his salad, it is something he usually always orders here.

Miss Lauren got her protein on and ordered a steak. I can't remember what is was but she was a good girl and just had the vegetables on the side. The steak was ordered Medium Rare and I remember it being pretty rare, better than too done. It looked tasty though.

Throughout the show week we went back to the Hoffbrau and had lunch. You better believe you ordered those Brau chips again! I had soup and the other healthy soldiers had salad. I enjoyed this restaurant because it seemed to be a destination for families. Locals seemed to gather in their sports apparel and enjoy spending time there. We had fabulous waitresses each time we went, it just was a pleasant experience. I will return I am sure, so keep those Brau chips on the menu please!

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Jennifer Good Tatste said...

OOOooo! I want to try those chips!