Monday, February 27, 2012

Sunday Funday: Beach, BBQ and Bubbly!

Hello my friends. I hope your weekend was as lovely as mine was. We woke up to a Lifetime movie and hot cocoa (talk about heaven...). And then made our way to the ocean.

After Scott surfed at C Street by the Ventura Fairground we took good ol' Buster for a walk on the beach. He was like a kid in a candy store, he rarely leaves the ranch!

Our little family.

Next we went and tried potential surf cars for Scott. He traded in his little Dodge Caliber last year when I got my Range Rover so now he is on a mission to replace it. First, we tried the HHR. I was skeptical at first but I must say it was a nice riding car and it topped my list.

Next up the Clubman Mini Cooper. It was a very pretty car, had a ton of get up and go but they were quite pricey! BMW owns them now so can you imagine the cost of service work as well? Anyway, they were too tiny for my taste. I wasn't sold.

All that b'boping around made me hungry so we stopped in at the Wood Ranch in Moorpark. I got the pulled Pork entree and it was entirely too much food. I took it to-go and was surprised Buster didn't try to tear into it on the way home.

Needless to say, the beers were huge. I was so full, I could not get mine down. A few stops on the way home were made but we did get back in time for the Oscars! Fashion time, my friends...

Oh, and a little champagne. 

First up, Michelle Williams. I love the dress but hate how the color clashes with the red carpet. They know what color the red carpet is every year, get a swatch and make sure the color does not clash. Sheesh. And, I am so over her pixie cut, grow your hair out and do some work! You are not 12 or an 80 year old man. 

Most of my blog friends say that Milla Jovovich was the clear winner of the fashion throw down at the Oscar's. What do you think?

One more thing, these chicks were a little too old to be acting like little girls. I thought the potential "wardrobe malfunction" was little classless on Jennifer's part. They seem like they are washing up quick, quit chasing that neon rainbow ladies!

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kidicarus222 said...

It's a good point, on them acting like girls when they're both so totally not.