Friday, February 3, 2012

Island Fever made by Rum Punch - Antigua

Today is Sailing and Snorkeling Day on the vacation! I am dressed and ready to go, notice my cool Walden's Surf Shirt - Just a shout out to all you Venturians in the house!

This would be our boat. A small beauty.

 Pre-Rum punch and very excited to be out on the water!

Sailing into the English Harbor - This is where the yacht race is called. A man watches from the post and and calls the winner with the shot of a gun!

To get into the harbor you have to get by this fort first. Do you think we made it in?

In absolute heaven!

A few of these down the hatch and we started to get a little tipsy.

Snorkled. Meh, I think Hawaii has Antigua beat in this department.

The Rum Punch is in full effect!

Oh my! Needless to say we missed our dinner reservations that night and we slept in an extra hour or two the next morning! Yikes!

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Bengts fotoblogg said...

Great shots, lovely place.