Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Piccolo Mondo - Antigua

Just because we were on vacation I did not allow Scott off the hook for one of our "special" date nights. When we are at home we dress up and go out somewhere fancy at least once every couple weeks. So here we are dressed up and ready to go!

Piccolo Mondo was located at the St. James Club among the villas. It is an upgrade to our all-inclusive plan but we decided it was worth it!

For Scott's appetizer he ordered the Caprese Salad. The tomatoes did not impress but the cheese with olive oil and balsamic was amazing. The addition of cucumber was an interesting one. They added cucumber to a lot of dishes, quite randomly.

This is my date, he was suffering from a cold. Who gets sick in paradise? I guess we do!

These little bad boys were mine! Stuffed mushrooms on a bed of mashed potatoes? Yes, please! I practically licked the plate clean.

Hi, my name is Melissa Good Taste and I am addicted to food.

We both ordered the lobster and were so glad we did. It was fantastic, delicious and every other in between. It was probably the best lobster I have ever had. Good job Antigua!

I wanted dessert but Scott was done. What does that mean? More creme brulee for me! this was the cappuccino variety and I was not a real big fan. A couple bites and I was done.

So here we are, full and happy. This meal made my trip! And, my jumpsuit. That made my trip too. 

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