Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shirley Heights & Paparazzi - Antigua

 Our last night in Antigua was quite a special one. Benjie took us to one of the the highest spots in all of Antigua. It over looked the St. James and the beautiful bay. I love this photo of Scott and myself. 

Welcome to Shirley Heights - now home to sensational steel bands, libations and gorgeous views. It originally used as a lookout for who was entering the harbor: friend or foe.

Stunning view of the English Harbor.

The steel band rocking out. It really was an incredible sound.

For only $9.99 you too, could make music. Ya Mon'...

I felt so blessed to experience this whole trip. What a memory I will have of Antigua!

My date for the evening, Scott; deciding on what he might order at "Paparazzi" a Canadian owned Italian restaurant.

Grilled Shrimp with al dente rice served with marinated peppers, eggplant and mushrooms. Not nearly enough food for what it cost, but it beat the alternative of nothing at all!

Lady in BRIGHT red!

Of all things I order Veal! The color is a little grey but it did taste good. I enjoy lemon and capers on pretty much anything so this was the dish for me!

Tomorrow will be my last Antigua post... How sad!

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