Thursday, February 2, 2012

English Harbor - Antigua

We had heard that the English Harbor was a place to visit during our stay in Antigua. Developed as a base for the British Navy in the great age of sail, the harbor served as the headquarters of the fleet of the Leeward Islands during the turbulent years of the late 18th century. It is part of Nelson's Dockyard National Park, which also contains Clarence House and Shirley Heights. Named after Admiral Horatio Nelson, who lived in the Dockyard from 1784 through 1787, Nelson's Dockyard is home to some of Antigua's sailing and yachting events such as Antigua Sailing Week held every April.

Yachts! If you are in Antigua you are either a local, tourist or a "yachtie" - they fill the English Harbor and provide much business to Antigua.

Scott as Mr. Nelson!

I belong on the front as a ship with this lady!

Pillars from an original sail repair shop. They have been repaired from the 18th century but were quite impressive!

Sailboats are everywhere!

The old buildings within the harbor were just gorgeous.

They turned this building into a hotel, it was so charming!

Vacation home for someone very special. What a view you would have on a everyday basis!

Random shot of the day. A loose donkey next to a Snow Cone Stand!

We enjoyed a glass of wine watching the yachts come into the harbor, we saw so very impressive boats!


 Scott and I wandered into the Admiral's Inn hungry for dinner. Scott wanted the lobster and was impressed when he received this big boy on his plate!

I saw Wahoo on the menu and knew that was exactly what I wanted. A moist fish that basically melts in your mouth. It was served with an outstanding balsamic sauce, creamed spinach and purple potatoes. It was a beautiful meal.

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SkippyMom said...

The pictures are just spectacular. What a lovely place to vacation.

And of course the food pics' are always welcome. YUM.

Love your dress. You look great in orange. [Actually - I have yet to see you look bad in anything. :)]