Monday, February 6, 2012

Slowing Down - Antigua

Day 5 in Antigua and we are pretty much relaxed as possible. We have read one book and well into another. We have eaten well, drank plenty and just starting to move according to island time. 

We hired Benjie, our driver for the week, to take us to some local spots that he loves. We drove through the countryside and came upon this little donkey. How cute is he?

This beautiful old church - there are so many and they all are stunning.

This is Half Moon Bay - not the one I am used to in California but the Antiguan version of course. Notice the horse shoe shape?

The beach was pretty awesome but we were not in the mood to hang out very long. We continued on our countryside journey.

A bit parched we stopped into "Smilin' Harry's" a roadside stop.

This is the actual Harry. Notice his resemblance to Samuel Jackson? I did. He was a really nice man who had a lot to say. He was probably the most friendly person we had met in Antigua.

This is what a typical Antiguan house looks like. Up off the ground, shaped in a box and laundry out on the line. Simple living.

The closest thing to cutting we did all week.

My daily bikini - Target is where I found the bottoms. Very cute. All 5'4 of me thinks I am a Hawaiian Tropic model, in my own mind I guess.

Another beautiful sunset, another beautiful day.

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