Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rusty Pickle - Las Vegas, NV

The food truck craziness has hit Las Vegas with the same enthusiasm it had blessed Los Angeles with. This truck parked in between arenas at the South Point Arena hoping to get customers that were tired of the usual snack bar concessions. 

Melissa Good Taste is always game for new eats so I gave it a go. I ordered and pondered on what one of the many unique sauces they had would meet my fancy. I was told, the onboard chefs were all Cordon Bleu trained so my anticipation was at an all time high at this point! 

So I went with the remoulade sauce for the Deep Fried Pickles with I ordered after the truck's namesake. One pickle, good. Next pickle, under fried. Third pickle, raw dough. Such a bummer, and a bad way to start off my food truck meal.

Next up, the Macaroni and Cheese Pit Pie. Hello?! This had to be good. Anything with a flaky pie crust is delicious. Well, this just wasn't. The mac and cheese was dry as a chip and pie crust underdone. 

I know the Rusty Pickle had good intentions and understand it has a following but on this day, it just did not deliver.

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kidicarus222 said...

Reputation or not, food trucks are about as hit-and-miss as... food trucks. But at least a new one can take its place tomorrow.