Tuesday, February 14, 2012

71 Palm Restaurant - Ventura, CA

I made a bet with Scott that the Patriots would win the Super Bowl and well, I lost. We bet on a good date night out and so here we are. I originally wanted to go to Tuti's across the street but, it was closed for the evening due to a party or something. So we walked over to 71 Palm and decided to give it a try.  

Scott ordered a Cesear Salad and they brought out fried potato peelings with a dipping sauce I couldn't quite put my finger on. It was on the house so I thought that was nice. 

This is Scott's plate: He ordered the Flat Iron Steak with a ragout of mushrooms, au gratin potatoes also filled his plate. He thought everything was cooked well but it lacked seasoning. He normally is not a mushroom lover but he did say that these were very good.  

This would be mine of course - Sea bass with a fresh horseradish crust served over broccoli. I should have known better than to order this, I knew when I read: "fresh horseradish crust" that I may not like it. And, that is what happened. A beautiful cut of fish but the crust just killed it for me. So much so I really lost my appetite.

I really wanted this night to be special because I really enjoy the date nights Scott and I go on but I just wasn't into it. The restaurant itself is very beautiful, craftsman to be exact and a historical marker in Ventura County. I am not sure who was having an off day, myself or the kitchen but it just didn't work out tonight. I may return for cocktails on their patio this summer to give it another go.

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