Friday, February 17, 2012

Real Food for Real People - Ojai, CA

The day before Valentine's Day I was craving beef, some starch and a savory vegetable. We have an endless supply of beef that a customer of ours replenishes every year. I just have to remember to take it out of the freezer early enough for us to enjoy it. My darling husband enjoys grilling them to a perfect medium rare so I am quite spoiled. While I was at the Los Olivos Grocery Store on a visit home I noticed a unique grain on their shelf. Black rice is high in antioxidants, fiber and used in prevention in cancer so I decided to give it a go. On its own it is not very tasty, but a dousing in teriyaki  made it more palatable. Baby asparagus baked with a smear of mayonnaise and sprinkle of parmesan was quite indulgent. 

The nights at home, eating meals like this are the ones I savor most! 

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