Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Silverado Steakhouse - Las Vegas, NV

So this was pretty much our crew in Las Vegas. I  didn't show but Ron and Scott did, Kat and I just helped out this go round. We just had to celebrate one night out at the Silverado because of all Ron's success at the show. He did so great, so cheers to Cowboy Ron!

Ron picked our poison for the evening and he did well. Paraduxx from the Napa Valley was wonderful. He always knows the best stuff on the wine list. This was really good.

The bread basket had a variety, pretzel, sourdough as well as a really great raisin bread. I went with that with a slab of butter shaped in a beautiful rosette. 

I ordered the Lobster Bisque because I knew it was good, I have had it before and it is quite heavenly. They serve a large portion so I shared it with Kat, she agreed it was very tasty.

The crew ordered steaks so I was basically the odd man out. They of course loved theirs and ate to their hearts content.

I ordered the Halibut that was supposed to be egg dipped which is no big deal to me. But after looking at the photo I now realize why it tasted like a breakfast plate, there is a lot of egg batter on this bad boy! Ha! I loved the sauce and the mashed potatoes were heavenly. 

The Creme Brulee was a very good one. I have a thing now about the dessert, I am almost a snob now. 

All in all it was a terrific meal spent with good frieds. We learned a lot at the cutting and cannot wait to get out there again and show off our stuff! Cheers to healthy horses and good draws!

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