Sunday, February 12, 2012

Shenanigans - San Juan Bautista, CA

Hello my little blog friends. I went home for a visit to CELEBRATE! It was my baby brother's birthday party and I would not miss it for the world. I packed my party pants and boots, knee highs to be exact - gold belt and a Burberry jacket that I finally got to wear. It was been warm and sunny in So-Cal so I was excited to bundle up. Picture and posed.

This my friends, is my baby/little brother he is stands at 6'3 and I am a mere 5'4. I think I got jipped in the height department. His girlfriend Kate arranged the most fun party... ever - it was a surprise and she really tricked him. He had no idea ;) 

She also had a cardboard cut out made of him upon entrance to the party. It was pretty classic, this is the beautiful Kate, isn't she fun?

My cousin Allan and I grabbed a snap with the mini James.

Such a cool cake!

My bestie, Fallon. We have been friends for 25 years - Oh my!


My favorite couple.

On the left is my good friend Amy's man, such a crazy mix of James's friends!

My cousin John and his wife, Lauren.

Shannon and I doing what we do best... 

Friends and family - Enjoying the tail end of the evening!

What I needed to eat this morning to feel like a human again. Ellie's in Salinas is pretty darn scrumptious.  What a blessing it was to enjoy the evening in my hometown. My heart will always enjoy the 95045. I hope everyone gets to enjoy their friends and family like I do. Geez la wheez, I love my life! 

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Becky said...

Bummed I was out of town for this. Looks like a great time!