Saturday, May 17, 2014

Bodean's Seafood Restaurant - Tulsa, OK

Cowboy Ron gives me the honor of choosing where we eat dinner on our cutting excursions. Since I am in charge of the culinary adventures I tend to chose places that appeal to me. When I read stellar reviews of Bodean's Seafood online I knew it was a place we would have to try. As I guided them to the restaurant via backseat directions we pulled into a low budget shopping center and I could tell from the guy's expressions that I might have messed up. We parked and walked inside to a beautiful restaurant.

 Cowboy Ron started with a Caesar Salad as he was craving the fantastic anchovies. Salty, briny and totally addicting. Would it have been weird if I asked for a side order of them? Scott declined on his usual salad and indulged in a Dead Armadillo. A Dead Armadillo?! Yes, a fantastic smooth drinking beer.

I used to order Lobster Bisque all the time but have stopped doing so as of late because I am repeatedly disappointed on the quality. This bisque was nice consistency and had pieces of shrimp throughout. It was not overly "lobster" flavored but totally peppery. My husband would have loved it, he loves pepper!

This beauty was my order. It was a great piece of Halibut over a risotto with goat cheese and basil pesto. It was perfection! The tomato was an addition to the plate that I didn't indulge in, It was more for decoration in my eyes. The fish was cooked perfectly and the risotto was wiped clean from my plate. Excellent, excellent meal.

The boys both ordered the San Francisco Cioppino and it came out bright and full of wonders from the sea. Large pieces of crab, shrimp, salmon, halibut, muscles and cockles filled the bowl. The seafood alone was filling but the wonderful broth dunked with pieces of house baked bread really filled them up. It was a beautiful bowl!

 We finished off our meal with our usual, Creme Brulee. The waitress gave us a warning that it was thick and heavy, it seemed like an odd thing to say since we said we were aficionados. To my surprise it was exactly the opposite of the description. it was light, almost souffle like texture. It was still delicious and we devoured it quickly.

We were treated to a gift from the restaurant as we parted ways. It was a cute little box filled with a Coffee Cake. They thanked us for our business and sent us on our way with breakfast. Now that is class...

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