Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Tavern - Tulsa, OK

Are you a fan of Western art and bronzes? Does the name Frederic Remington or Charles Russell ring a bell? I spent the yesterday checking out originals of all the famous works of Early American art.

This painting is named "Breaking Through The Line" by Charles Schreyvogel and it is beyond striking. In person the painting has a center focus of the barrel of the gun and the eyes of both horse and rider follow you. The original is just stunning, prints don't do it justice. 

After our tour of the Thomas Gilcrease Museum we decided to seek out lunch. I had read fantastic things about The Tavern in the Brady District so since we were on that side of town we gave it a go.

The guys had Marshall Beers and I tried a Spicy Bloody Mary. The drink was quite filling, almost a meal. I had to switch to a Coke about half way through.

  I had read numerous reviews giving them props for their burger so I decided to give it a try. I ordered it medium and it came out juicy, juicy. They topped the burger with sautéed mushrooms and blue cheese, it was a great combination of flavors. The shoe string fries were crispy, salty and addicting!

Cowboy Ron ordered the Croque Madam off the Brunch menu. The open faced sandwich featured sweet ham and a runny egg. With a knife and fork Ron sopped up the yolk with the browned home fries.

Scott surprised me when he ordered Tomato Bisque with a Grilled Cheese Sandwich. I had to try the soup and helped myself to a spoonful, it was amazing. The gourmet sandwich oozed with cheese, tomato and pesto. It was delicate yet hearty all at the same time.

The Tavern was eclectic and totally on top of current food trends. We only experienced the Brunch menu but did peek at the Dinner offerings, it sounded totally delicious based on the descriptions. I recommend you give it a visit!

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