Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Waffle House - Amarillo, TX

Greetings y'all! Scott and I stayed the night in beautiful Amarillo, Texas to rest the horses and ourselves. The horses stayed at a motel and did the same. We got a bite to eat and fell fast asleep.

The next morning we fueled up before hitting the road at The Waffle House. I have to admit I was pretty excited as I have never been to one before.

There was a sign on the wall explaining their food takes longer to cook because it is made to order but ours came out like rapid fire! Scott ordered the American and it came with a little of everything... A waffle, eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast. He did not come close to finishing it and regretted wasting the food.

I ordered the Pecan Waffle with extra crispy bacon. It was perfect! What I liked most about the waffle was it was not too thick. Sometimes when I order a waffle the outside is crispy but the middle is raw. I do not enjoy that. The bites of salty bacon with the sweet waffle was just heavenly.

As we roll on down the road I get to start reading this new book by Ruth Reichl, "Delicious!". Reichl's restaurant reviewer background sparked an interest in me and I have great expectations for it to be a great book!

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