Friday, May 23, 2014

Tally's - Tulsa, OK

Do you want a review of a really average breakfast? Yes? Ok! Scott and I had a free morning during our stay in Tulsa and decided to seek out a sit down breakfast joint. Located on historic Route 66 we pulled in to a full diner and took a seat in a big booth.

Scott wanted a standard fare of eggs, bacon and toast. His eggs were cooked nicely to a perfect over medium and salsa was provided for a zesty kick. The toast sopped up the last of eggs and made for a nice vehicle to get every bit of flavor. The one thing I did notice was his bacon looked a little under cooked, to the point he was tearing off the uncooked pieces of fat. Eww... 

 I, on the other hand, stop that problem before it ever arises... I order my bacon crispy! It never fails to come out perfect everywhere I go. So, my bacon gets two thumbs up. I am still stuck on pancakes for breakfast so i ordered up a stack of carbohydrate goodness. The pancakes, or possibly the syrup, tasted like black licorice. I don't mind black licorice, in fact I quite enjoy it. But a plate filled with the taste, bite after bite in dough form really wasn't as appetizing as I had hoped for.

I have to admit I made an ordering mistake. I saw Strawberry Cheesecake Pancakes on the menu and did not order them. How much more fun would this review have been if I took the chance and ordered something silly like that? 

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