Saturday, May 3, 2014

Mi Cocina - Weatherford, TX

My Mom was down at the show and we had a day to get away and visit some of our favorite friends. Winnie, was one of them, she was at the breeding farm and was delighted to have us as her visitors. We brushed and massaged her into a happy little glow. She really is a beauty.

After entertaining Winnie, my Mom and I went out in search of a little lunch. I have been to Mi Cocina in Fort Worth many times so I figured going tot the Weatherford location was a safe bet. The chips and salsa are not the best, go to Uncle Julios or On The Border for a much better version.

Their guacamole however is very tasty.

I went for the Tilapia with a creamy, shrimp sauce. The sauce was quite thick and heavy. The flavor wasn't shining through so I kind of just scrapped it off to the side and continued on eating the fish and fish together. It was not the best or worst thing I ever had, the sauce just needs a bit of tweaking.

My mom ordered a Chile Rellano and it was the cheesiest thing I have ever seen. Literally, they did not skip on the queso. She too, just did what i did and scrap the excess of the chile and enjoyed her lunch. I loved that they served her a little cup of Tortilla Soup, I was pretty jealous actually. The presentation of her rice was darling as well.

Was this the best Mexican food I have ever had? Heck, no. There is just something about the Texas Mexican food, even when they claim not to be "Tex-Mex", it just doesn't taste familiar. I have eaten a lot of authentic, delicious varieties so I think my palate is just a tad spoiled. 

Lunch was over and we were sitting in line at the Milsap Elementry School before I knew it. We picked up our favorite little Sarkitten's and treated the girls to some beauty while Cameron went in for a little video game action. Tori choose teal nails...

And Stephanie chose turquoise. I loved the colors on their tan skin, such lucky girls!

We stuffed them with pizza and said our goodbyes. They grow like weeds but I will see them again soon, as we have to return to Fort Worth this summer. 

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