Friday, May 30, 2014

Settebello - Oxnard, CA

 Settebello is located in the Collection at RiverPark Oxnard. It is flanked by many restaurants which also popped up around including Yard House, Kabuki and Famous Dave's. The reason why we were there was to grab a quick bite before heading in to watch a movie at the fabulous Century RiverPark 16.

I picked a few items off the menu to nibble on in between bites of conversation. The Prosciutto Crudo wrapped around goat cheese and arugula. The cheese was melty hot and oozed out in every bite. The toasted bread was crunchy crisp and was a nice break from the extra soft meat and cheese. The olives served with the dish were briny and mouth puckering.

On their bar menu was an Arancini Di Riso or basically a deep fried ball of risotto. The crisp texture of the ball was thin and light, the perfect crunch. Once inside the shell, creamy risotto oozed out nice and warm. The marinara served in the bowl was fruity and full of body. I liked that they served shaves of Parmesan on top of the ball because it melded perfectly with the gravy and rice.

I like Settebello well enough as my belly was full of rice, meat and cheese but I am not sure if it is a place to go if you are craving full on Italian. The pizzas all sound amazing as well as the salads. I would go for lunch or drinks with the girls if I was to return again.

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