Thursday, February 28, 2013

Del Mar Rendezvous - Del Mar, CA

It was a beautiful day in Del Mar on Saturday so my mom and I made the most of the day by exploring in town. We became hungry for lunch so my mom suggested we go to the "Rendezvous" as she read some good reviews about it online... 

My hunger and desire for food stopped right here with this dish. It was supposed to be a fresh crab and mango salad. This was nasty. We took one bite and our bodies told us silently to stop, just stop. The crab tasted like canned tuna, there was tons of mayo (and I love mayo), unripe mango and absolutely no seasoning. We politely pushed the dish to the edge of the table, encouraging the busboy for rapid pick up. The manager came to our table and asked what was wrong with it, I didn't have the heart to say, "What was right with it?" - I just said it tasted like canned crab, there was no seasoning and the fruit was really hard. She didn't seem like any of those things were a problem, I hope she had it for it lunch.

With our appetites really gone and potential sickness coming on we trudged through a decent Cashew Chicken and white rice. It was ok.

We had ordered the lamb and it was very tasty. Very well cooked. We just were so turned off by food at this point and wanted to get out of there!

Imperial Shrimp on a bed of fried noodles. Done. We were so done. Nothing was tasting good so we ate a shrimp and jammed.

Paid the billed and just left feeling flabbergasted that one plate of food could just turn you off like that. Well, I guess it happened - We hit our food wall in Del Mar, California.

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Anonymous said...

If you're still down in Del Mar - Make sure to go to Red Tracton's -- Best meal in town! :)