Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day - Las Vegas

So I have been in Las Vegas since Tuesday at the annual South Point Casino Cutting Horse Show. We have been up early and going to bed early doing all things horse and I thought I would catch myself in some action for you!

After we showed yesterday my two Valentine's took me to dinner at Primarily Prime Rib, a restaurant located within the casino. We all were pretty wiped, did not have reservations any where else so this was going to do just fine.

We started with an order of fried artichoke hearts filled with cheese. Delicious!

This photo does not do justice to this pulled beef tostada. It was fantastic. Served with a slaw and a sweet sauce. I loved the crunch of the tostada. My favorite thing of the meal!

The Pea Soup was a close second. I do love Peas Soup and this was very tasty as well.

My RARE Prime Rib was fine. Didn't have much flavor, I think i should have ordered it medium rare. My bad. The horseradish was so spicy it cleared out my sinuses. Wowza!

Desserts for ys - Cheesecake and a White chocolate covered ice cream. They were ok. I felt satisfied. Scott has big Valentine's Day plans for us when we get home so I am beyond excited to find out what that adventure might be. Until then it is horse show mode... Catch you later!

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