Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Panolivo - Paso Robles, CA

And we are back! We just cannot seem to get enough of Panolivo. We adore the fact that you can come in, reservation free, with a large group of people on a Saturday night. I called six other restaurants and got rejected and then I said forget it. "Let's go to our old faithful - Panolivo -Home to the Fat Monk Pinot and delicious dessert case." We met Cowboy Pete and Cowgirl Lisa there and settled into our usual table.

We all were starving from the day at the cutting so we ordered a warm goat cheese with toasted bread.

I was feeling a little saucy and made the table eat escargot with me! The sauce was buttery and fantastic - great for bread dipping too.

I started off my meal with Chicken Tortilla Soup - It wasn't as good as mine but it warmed me from the inside out. I was frozen all weekend long.

Kat ordered the French Onion - she said it really hit the spot. I should have ordered hers because I could smell the delicious caramelized onions.

Scott just got a salad, he loves a good Caesar Salad. This one looked lightly dressed, I would have liked it done heavier with anchovies! Cowboy Pete ordered more my style and added the little fish fillets. Go Pete!

I LOVED THIS. I ate every single bite off my plate. The salmon was lovely, oven potatoes crisp and fluffy, the spinach and cream sauce perfectly married. I could eat this everyday of the week  on exception of the pumpkin tortellini that I had the night before. They both were heavenly plates.

Scott always ordered the Vegetable Cannelloni - The cheese baked on top is what sold me. That is a blanket of molten ooey, gooey fun! He swears it is the best thing ever so I believe him.

Pete had the Rib Eye and what I first though was pate resting on top but it actually was a cabernet and porcini butter! Wow! That is really neat. I should make my own flavored butter! He had the same roasted potatoes I had and I am sure he loved them. Lisa ate most of his green beans - she seemed to be a big fan!

Kat ordered this little hug on a plate. Who can say no to Chicken Cordon Blue and sweet potato fries. Such a comforting combo. She enjoyed it and will probably stick with this order on our future visits.

Pete loves Carrot Cake and on our last trip here they sold the last one right out from under him. So this time we got in our request early and he got to enjoy it. I loved the decoration. It doesn't take much to make a dessert look so fancy.

This should not surprise you. Melissa Good Taste has a mind of her own and no one can stop her. She is cuckoo for creme brulee. Solid, good, rich custard.

Do you want to go to an affordable, quaint restaurant in Paso Robles? Don't have reservations? No problem. Panolivo is your answer - They have always produced a solid meal.

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