Monday, February 11, 2013

Buona Tavola - Paso Robles, Ca

We are back! We had just spent four days in Paso Robles for a horse show and it is nice to be home. It was painfully cold riding the horses from 6:30 in the morning to 12:00 at night! Long day! I have had many people recommend I go to Buona Tavola and I never had this opportunity until this trip. We started with just a house glass of Pinot and it was delightful...

Complimentary bread and olive tapandade came to the table. It was a lovely start to our meal and whet our appetites.

I ordered a Caprese Salad for the table and it was certainly enough to share. The tomatoes were not quite ripe and tasted a bit mealy. The cheese was wonderful and I loved the addition of the capers.

Kat ordered the Pasta Special - a name that I completely missed. I know she loved the penne, salmon, olives and tomato sauce it was dressed with. It looked very homey and a bite was not left on the plate.

Scott ordered a really fancy half moon shaped pasta filled with shrimp scampi and prosciutto bathed in a light saffron sauce. I tried one of his dumplings and it tasted like shrimp scampi in a little pocket. Very cute, clever and packed with flavor. The portion size was very lovely as well.

This plate is mine and it was the best! Pumpkin and ricotta stuffed tortelloni in a sage and marsacapone sauce topped with roasted walnuts. Oh my goodness. I would order this every single day. I order this dish a lot at Italian restaurants and this was at the very top.

 Vanilla cream custard with half chocolate and half caramel topping. I was the only one who ordered dessert...

But the table took in upon themselves to help! It was that good!

We had a very lovely dinner for an extremely reasonable price. I would return, hands down.

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