Friday, March 1, 2013

The Fish Market - Del Mar, CA

After our bad food experience earlier in the day we pretty much lost all drive to seek out fabulous eats. Our palettes were fried and were not appreciating anything. So went to dinner at the closest place to our hotel and that happened to be The Fish Market. It was packed and so we grabbed a drink at the bar to wait for our table. The Bloody Mary was marginal, the bartender service was excellent.

Kathy tried the clam chowder, bland and tasted like paste. We were off to a great start!

However she did have the Seafood Salad and was pleasantly surprised with the amount of great tasting shrimp and crab. I was envious of her order, can you imagine Melissa Good Taste actually wanting someone else's salad... I have officially lost it.

I ordered the Fish and Chips and it looked like it was off the Kid's Menu. Everything tasted fine enough however nothing was real hot, I mean barelly warm. I hate that. I want it to be so piping hot that I have to wait until it cools down or it burns my fingers in the process. That is how I like! Ah well, the cole slaw was giving off warning shots so my body feared the damage it might do if I took a bite. 

The Apple Crisp according to my Mom was good. Really impressed with it.  

My creme brulee was nothing to write home about but was not the worst thing ever either. 

My Del Mar vacation really started out on a high at Market but then nothing else could really measure up. That will teach me to go to the best place first! We should have saved it for last!

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