Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Market Restaurant - Del Mar, CA

ATTENTION: If you are going to just skim through this post you have been warned not to miss it. This was the best meal I have ever had! Read on...

I read about Market Restaurant through various reviews and decided that should be the first place my Mom and I check out on our mini vacation. I made reservations and at 6:15 we rolled in, valet parked our car and we were seated quickly. Corn muffins, sliced sourdough and salted butter were brought to our table rapidly. The corn muffins were outstanding!

The chef sent out an amuse bouche and it was breathtakingly good. I felt like I was on the television show "The Taste" - Poached prawn, cucumber watermelon salad with an amazing sesame vingarette served with cracker to finish. It was just beyond... If I could order six spoons of these for dinner, I would have.

You know how much I love my crab cakes so when we saw it on the menu my mom umped up and ordered it for us to share. The Macadamia Crusted Jonah Crab Cake had no filler at all. It was surrounded in a bath of passion fruit lemon grass broth with jewel pieces of avocado and pinapple. Stunning! Best appetizer I have ever add.

I ordered the Acadian Redfish and Crispy Shrimp Tempura because it sounded exotic. The gingered asparagus rice under the perfectly cooked fish was lovely. The red thai curry sauce that the dish was washed with was spicy! Enough to wipe your nose, thats for sure. The shrimp were just out of the fryer so they were crisp and lovely. An interesting meal, that I was pleasantly satisfied with.

My Mom swore she wasn't going to get a steak since she had just gotten back from New York and had a lot of steak while visiting. But when she read about the Waygu Filet served with caramelized onion confit, forest mushroom roast, bernaise and a souffle served along side - She ordered another steak. She said it was delightful and it was worth the order.

Whenever I see Budino on the dessert menu, anywhere, I order it. I loved this butterscotch custard so much. The thick caramel on top, dollop of cream and pistachio brittle made it just out of this world. Served along side were apple turnovers, I barely touched them.

My mom had the Mars Bars and they were a chocolate lovers dream. Too heavy for me with out a cup of coffee or glass of red wine but they were very beautiful. I didn't try much of it because I was too obsessed with my own plate. I like the "M" stamp...

Anyhow, can you see why this really was the best meal ever?! Beautiful food, simple flavors and excellent prices. I was so shocked to see the low price tag on such masterful food. I will be back and you should go! Now!!!

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